Squish and bulging Geometry Nodes group for Blender

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Squish and bulging Geometry Nodes group for Blender

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This is a simple Geometry Nodes group that will allow you to deform a model using any other mesh. The deformation consists in a squish-in at the place of contact, and bulge-out at the borders. You need to create a very simple "dummy" for the bulge-out (just scale a little in the vertical axis for most cases).

This .blend includes:

  • A rigged model that is deformed
  • Two different deformers with their corresponding dummies
  • An even more simplified example

In order to import this to any project:

  1. Drag and drop this .blend into your project
  2. Append
  3. NodeTree
  4. SquishBulge
  5. Add the Geometry Nodes modifier to your 3D model
  6. Assign the SquishBulge Node Tree


  • Add the Geometry Nodes modifier after the Armature modifier if your model is rigged
  • You have to add one Geometry Nodes modifiers per deforming mesh
  • Fields:
    • Deformer: main deforming mesh. This is the one that squishes-in
    • DeformerDummy: dummy deformer. It's supposed to be bigger and follow the Deformer. Makes this child of the deformer if you need to. This is the one that bulges-out.
    • In: the amount to be squished-in
    • Out: the amount to be bulged-out
    • SubDiv: how many subdivisions should be applied at the end. It's recommended to apply subdivisions only at the end, and not before, for best results.
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One .blend file with the appendable node group and the example setup

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